Alliant Energy: Energy Check-up Ad Series


This ad series won both Gold in Integrated Ad Campaign and Best in Show - Student in the Madison Wisconsin AAF 2022 ADDY Awards!

I created this ad series as a complement to the app I designed for Alliant Energy. The app had two aspects of it - reducing users carbon footprints and reducing users electric bills. I decided to focus on the idea of reducing bills for this ad series. This ad series focuses on the fun visual of literally shrinking appliances and objects. I used stock photos and Photoshop to create the tiny objects and place them in their scenes. This ad series has multiple components to reach customers wherever they are.


For the poster and magazine ads, I chose common household appliances.


For the social media post and web banner, I switched up the image to match how a lot of people browse the internet these days. For this one, I really had to push the scale so it actually looked like a shrunken phone.


I customized the image for the format for this ad as well. As the bus pulls up to the stop, the mini bus stop would cover up the actual one, creating a fun visual.


This page on the Alliant Energy website would tie together the ad series and the app itself. It describes the app, shows the app in action, and directs potential users where to find it.