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Angel's Wish is a pet adoption organization that specializes in cats. They place all of the cats they take in with foster families. Their foster families put a lot of love and care into each cat. I wanted their branding to reflect that care, with a healthy amount of sass that anyone who knows cats is familiar with. This rebranding project included a logo, website, and material for the organization to use at their weekly adoption fairs. This project includes a mix of traditional and digital media. An additional component of this rebranding is a series of signature illustrations - wings, sassy cats, and rainy background texture.

T-Shirt Mock-Up Front.png
T-Shirt Mock-Up Back.jpg

Angel's Wish adoption fairs tend to be crowded and it can be difficult to know who is a volunteer. This t-shirt makes it easy to tell who to ask about getting a closer look at a kitten.


When people adopt cats from Angel's Wish, they are sent home with blankets knit by volunteers and some of the cats' favorite toys from their foster parents. The tote bag gives them something to take those things, plus their adoption paperwork, home in.


Currently Angel's Wish sells plain cardboard carriers to people who need a temporary way to get their new cat home. This custom carrier will make people excited to buy one and offers great photo opportunities for social media.

Original Paintings

I did a series of gouache paintings for this project which I then scanned and edited so they could be used a variety of ways.

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