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Patreon offers artists and creators across many platforms and mediums a way to earn a steady income. I wanted to create something fun and playful inspired by the communities Patreon makes possible. This booklet highlights some of the cool creators and projects on Patreon. The design is inspired by high school yearbooks - with bright colors and whimsical hand drawn illustrations. The photos and featured articles are taken from Patreon's blog. I edited the photos to create a unique and consistent style. The logo I used is the current Patreon logo and I chose colors for this project that would complement the primary brand color. This booklet is intended to be handed out to current Patreon creators, potential creators, and patrons. It would work well as part of a Patreon gathering, which I created to show the work in context.

Patreon Cover

Each part of the book is made to look like a yearbook - the cover has a leather-look like a hardcover yearbook, the spreads are inspired by sections from my own and other people's high school yearbooks, and many of the elements are inspired by signatures and doodles friends leave each other.

AV Club
Memories Spread
Class of 2021 Spread
Signatures Spread
Back Cover

Design in Action


Here is the Yearbook along side two other print pieces that might be handed out at registration for an imagined Patreon event. I used the design elements from the Yearbook to create the other pieces.


I further expanded on the event and design elements by creating a presentation slide for the keynote speaker.


Way finding for the event space using illustrations from the Yearbook.


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