Perfect First Cup

Wonderstate Coffee is a Wisconsin-based coffee company that incorporates curiosity and creativity in their brand. Their existing logo has both modern and organic elements to it. I was inspired by those elements when deciding on the illustration style. For this project, I dreamt up my own coffee flavor. My coffee flavor is "Perfect First Cup," a gentle way to start each new day. The illustrations are things I associated with the sun - oranges and sunflowers - as well as flowers and animals that are active early in the morning - morning glories, rabbits, and roosters. I created the illustrations through paper cutting and edited them digitally. I then placed them in a mid-century modern inspired pattern that plays off Wonderstate's existing branding.

Coffee Bag Mockups.jpg

Sketches and Process


Sketches of potential elements to include in the illustration.


Individual pieces of cut paper that will become the morning glory and one rabbit. These were scanned and assembled digitally.